Principals of Chiropractic

Principles of Chiropractic include the following subcategories:

The Chiropractic Paradigm

Concepts of Subluxation and Spinal Lesions

A.  Proprioceptive insult/somatosomatic reflex models
B.  Neural compression/traction models
C.  Visceral reflex models
D.  Vascular insufficiency models
E.  Axonal aberration/trophic models
F.  Neuroimmunomodulation models
G.  Biomechanical models
H.  Other

Basic Science Concepts in Chiropractic

A.  Anatomical
B.  Pathophysiological
C.  Biomechanical

Applied Chiropractic Principles

A.  Subluxation etiologies
B.  General effects of adjustment & manipulation
C.  Wellness